A Poem Written by Rochelle Richey

Yesterday I was a little girl.
Yesterday I was rejected.
Yesterday I was a teenager.
Yesterday my mind was influenced and infected.
Yesterday I got married.
Yesterday I was abused.
Yesterday I finally understood what it was like to be in my mother’s shoes.
Yesterday I tried to end my yesterdays.
Yesterday I was about to lose.
Yesterday I met a Savior.
A new love …living a new way of life… yesterday.
I’m presently walking into my future, and thanking my yesterdays
for making me the woman I am today.


Dear Rochelle,
I’m writing you to let you know how much I love you and I forgive you. I forgive you for everything you’ve ever done to me and everything you allowed others to do to me. The choices you made for me weren’t always the best and because of that, I have a few scars…but the scars are now old wounds that are filled with knowledge and sealed with wisdom. I embrace the scars and I embrace you. You once were a stranger to me, but no more. I believe in you, I honor you, I celebrate you. I am you and we are one.

From your BFF with love,
©Rochelle Richey 2016


  1. This was beautiful; especially the letter to yourself. Man…I have said those words to myself for healing at least twice and its necessary, isn’t it? To let yourself know…I apologize for being so negligent with you. Thanks for sharing!

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