Effects of Living in an Abusive Home on Children

Poor health, frequent illness.
Poor sleeping habits.
Excessive screaming (infants).
Increased aggression with peers such as hitting, biting, being argumentative, fighting.
Low self-esteem, blaming self.
Severe shyness or clinging, social isolation from peers.
Withdrawn or passive personality.
Feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression.
Angry, hostile behavior.
Difficulties at school, not wanting to go to classes, poor grades, difficulty in concentration.
Rebellion against authority.


Psychological Damage by Witnessing Violence in the Home

More and more studies are showing that children are psychologically damaged when they witness violence in their home. If you are living with an abusive spouse, your children, regardless of their age, will feel emotionally deprived. These children are also at a high risk for eventually being physically abused.


What is your responsibility towards your children if your spouse is abusing you? If you are being abused, your children are being abused too. Children who are living in a home where one parent is abusing the other are victims of child abuse even if they aren’t physically being hurt.

You have both a moral and legal responsibility to protect your children.

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