“A Black Rose Thrived” is about choices and consequences. It’s about taking ownership and removing the mask. To some this memoir will be a conviction; to others it will bring hope. Through the lens of one life we see how an environment that doesn’t offer a strong foundation leaves us naked in the world. But success is very attainable, one must be able to survive, strive, and thrive to obtain it.

Rochelle Richey provides us with a selfless, honest, and heartfelt book of emotional drama and inspiration. This is her story. This is her truth. She is truly A Black Rose that thrived— and she knows you can thrive, too.

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The Birth of Something New is a  written testimonial from the Author about her experience and journey from ” Religion to a Personal relationship with God. It is highly recommended to read her  Memoir “A Black Rose Thrived” in order to get a full understanding of her Journey from a life of sin to a relationship with the Savior.